Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law (AB 341)

As part of a statewide goal to reduce disposal by 75% by the year 2020, State law (Chapter 476, Statutes of 2011 [Chesbro, AB 341]) now requires all businesses that regularly generate four (4) or more cubic yards of solid waste per week and all multi-family dwellings with five or more (5+) units to recycle. This can be accomplished through a few ways:
  • Self-haul to a recycling facility.
  • Subscribe to a hauler's recycling service.
  • Sell or donate recyclables.
  • Subscribe to recycling service that includes mixed waste processing (the recycling is done for you).
While Waste Resources does offer mixed waste processing to all its commercial customers, it may be to your advantage to subscribe to our recycling (blue bin) service.

Having a stand-alone recycling program sends a clear message to your staff and customers that your organization is committed to reducing your business's environmental impact. In addition, you may be able to save money every month, as recycling services are half of equivalent trash service (depending on your location).

It is up to each jurisdiction to monitor and enforce compliance with this law and report progress to the state each year. For information on your city's efforts to meet the requirements of AB 341, click below.

Franchise Cities

Open Market / Non-Exclusive Franchise Areas As your city's partner, Waste Resources is here to help you increase recycling and minimize waste generated at your facility. Not sure where or how to start? Contact us today for a FREE on-site evaluation so that we can customize the most cost-effective program to fit your needs. Available services can be found here.