Gardena Multi-Family

Gardena Multi-Family of 4 Units or Less - These residences are provided cart services identical to those provided for single-family residences. Please click HERE for more info.

Gardena Multi-Family of 5 Units or More - These residences are provided at least once per week bin collection service with bins ranging in sizes of 2 to 6 cubic yards.

Household Hazardous Waste ("HHW") - Many common household products are hazardous. If these products are handled or disposed of incorrectly, they can pose a threat to human health, animals and the environment. When these products are discarded, they become "household hazardous waste." In California, it is illegal to dispose of household hazardous waste in the trash, down the drain, or by abandonment. Household hazardous waste needs to be disposed of through a Household Hazardous Waste Program. Click HERE for more info.

Universal Waste ("uWaste")Universal waste comes primarily from consumer products containing mercury, lead, cadmium and other substances that are hazardous to human health and the environment. These items cannot be discarded in household trash nor disposed of in landfills. Examples of universal waste are batteries, fluorescent tubes, and many electronic devices. Click HERE for more info.

Electronic Hazardous Waste ("eWaste")“E-waste” refers to any unwanted electronic device or Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and is classified as universal waste. E-waste frequently contains hazardous materials, predominantly lead and mercury, and is produced by households, businesses, governments, and industries. Click HERE for more info.

Multi-Family Bulk Household Waste Items Collection - Upon a verbal or written request made prior to 2:30 p.m. on the day prior to residents collection day, WRG will collect customers Bulk Household Waste items. Each residential customer (including Multi-Unit Residential Customers) shall receive such bulk pickup four (4) times per year, one every three (3) months, at no extra charge. Each Bulk Household Waste Item collection will be limited to a maximum volume of three (3) cubic yards. WRG may offer you a three (3) cubic yard temporary bin for your bulky collection. Collections more than three (3) cubic yards or four times per year, one per quarter will be subject to a surcharge. Items not allowed for Bulk Household Waste Item collection include automobile and marine bodies and parts, spas, gazebos, construction/remodel waste or items which may not be safely handled and lifted by two persons. Bulky pick-ups include uWaste and eWaste collections. Multi-family property managers and property owners will not be considered in this catagory and will be required to pay commercial rates for collection.

Sharps Program - Home-generated needles and other sharps thrown into household waste present a great risk to sanitation and sewage treatment workers, janitors, housekeepers, children – even pets. Some state governments are setting guidelines about needle waste disposal. California, for example, now prohibits disposal of needles in regular household waste. Residents can conveniently and responsibly dispose of needles, lancets, and other sharps from homes with mail back containers in three easy steps:

    Step 1: Residents call WRG customer service at 888-467-7600 to request a free Sharps Kit which includes a container, a pre-paid postage label and a form. WRG will deliver it to your home the following week.

    Step 2: Residents fill up the container with Sharps.

    Step 3: Residents mail the container back for safe disposal by using the pre-paid postage label provided and sign a form included in the side pocket of the kit. 

Residents will receive one free Sharps Mail-Back container per year, with a second and third kit available for $5.00 co-pay. Limit one at a time.

Holiday Tree Collection - Holiday trees discarded by residences will be collected December 26 thru the next three weeks for free.