Commercial Guide

Please follow these guidelines when loading commercial waste into our carts. Incorrectly loaded carts will not be collected.

  • All Items for recycling or disposal must be put inside the container.
  • Only load solid non-hazardous wastes. No liquid Wastes.
  • Never load the container on one side. Load evenly side to side.
  • Stop loading at the top of the container and make sure the load is level otherwise spillage will occur.
  • Weight capacities: Bin=400lbs, 15-20 cy boxes=4 tons, 30-40 cy boxes = 10 tons, 10 cy boxes = 10 tons
  • Overloaded bins will have to be unloaded by customers. Any overweight fines are the customer’s responsibility.
  • Non-Hazardous Special Waste (Drums, Sludges and Liquids) will also be refused or returned at customer expense.
  • No Appliances. No Batteries. No Liquids or Chemicals. No Tires. No Drums or Containers. No Medical or Bio-hazardous Wastes.