2-Cart Waste Collection in the CITY OF LYNWOOD

The City of Lynwood is serviced by a mixed waste and yard waste collection system. This means that residents place all household trash and recyclable materials into the gray “Mixed Waste” cart provided by Waste Resources, and all yard waste in the green “Yard Waste” cart. Recyclables will be separated from household garbage at a Materials Recovery Facility, so you don't need to place your recyclables in a separate container.

For details about what goes in the GREEN cart, click here.

Each service address (1-4 unit residential) receives a 96-gallon gray mixed waste cart. If you feel that the 96-gallon mixed waste cart is too large, you may request a 64-gallon mixed waste cart for a slightly reduced rate. Customers may request one additional gray mixed waste cart for no additional charge, but additional carts after that do incur a additional charge.

Each service address receives a green 64-gallon yard waste cart. Customers may request unlimited additional green carts at no charge.

Additional information about residential services can be found in the latest guide.

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Senior Citizen Discounted Rates and Walk Out Service

Senior citizens (persons at least 65 years of age who are the head of household and receive social security benefits) are eligible to receive discounted garbage rates. Please contact Waste Resources’ customer service for more information (888) 467-7600.

Walk-out Service is available to assist residents by allowing your Waste Resources’ driver to move your containers from the back or side yard, empty the containers and return the containers to the original location.  To be eligible for free Walk-out Service a resident must have: (1) a DMV-issued disabled person placard/license plate, and (2) the qualifying resident will annually provide a letter from their physician confirming they are unable to move waste carts to and from curbside collection location (and physician confirms no other resident in household is capable of moving carts).  Without these items Walk-out Service is available for a fee.    To sign up for Walk-out Service, please contact Waste Resources’ customer service (888) 467-7600.

Residential Collection Schedule

Please see the Collection Schedule map for services by day/area.

Bulky Item Collection

All single-family and multi-family residents living within the City of Lynwood are eligible to request to receive FREE “Bulky Item” collection service, with a limit of 5 free items per collection (a surcharge may be assessed if more than five large items).

Bulky items are those items which will not fit in your containers provided by Waste Resources, but can be safely handled and lifted by two persons. Bulky items include items such as furniture, appliances, wood waste, large yard waste, and clothing. Bulky items also include electronic waste and universal waste (stereos, televisions, computers and monitors, cell phones, microwaves. and other similar products). Bulky items do not include: car bodies, construction and demolition waste (with the exception of appliances), chemicals, paint, or any hazardous material.

Please contact Waste Resources’ customer service department to schedule your bulky item pickup (888) 467-7600. Your bulky items will be collected within 3 business days of your request.

In addition, the City and Waste Resources host bulky item collection events every April and September in order to give residents additional opportunities to properly dispose of waste materials, see Spring & Fall brochures for details.

Holiday Schedule

Please see the Holiday Schedule page for information about how holidays may affect your trash collection services.

Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding your new service, please contact Waste Resources’ customer service department at (888) 467-7600.