Residential Guide

Trash, recyclables and green waste carts

We’ll provide you with three carts – trash (a gray cart), recyclables (blue) and green waste (green). See our sorting guide below to understand which household waste belongs in which cart.

Preparing carts for collection

On collection day, full carts should be out at the curb by 6 am:

  • Cart handles should face toward your home
  • Cart wheels should be against the curb
  • Cart lids should be tightly closed
  • Carts should be at least three feet away from any obstruction (such as your car, mailbox or fence)
  • There should be at least two feet between each cart, and please line them up side by side
  • Please only place full carts out for collection

Remember, we collect the carts at different times on collection day, so make sure your cart is empty before returning it. 

If you need additional carts, or your cart has been damaged, please contact us. In many situations we’ll replace the damaged cart for free.

Sorting waste into carts

The guide below shows what waste goes into what cart.

  Yes No
Gray Cart

Food Waste
Foam Cups & Plates
Cat Litter
Green Waste
Household Hazardous Waste
Blue Cart

Aluminum Cans
Steel & Tin Cans
Plastic & Glass Containers
Paper Products
Food Waste
Foam Cups & Plates
Cat Litter
Household Hazardous Waste
Green Cart

Grass & Leaves
Plants & Weeds
Garden Trimmings
Tree Limbs
Wood Chips
Palm Fronds
Plastic Bags
Food Waste
Foam Cups & Plates
Household Hazardous Waste