Waste Resources Recovery

We’re Growing! After 7 years of service to the community under our stewardship, Waste Resources Recovery will complete its long-awaited renovations by the end of 2017.

The WRR material recovery facility’s processing activities will be completely contained within a new 115,104 sq. ft. enclosure.


Waste Resources Recovery MRF in Gardena

Waste Resources Recovery is expanding onto 6 acres, increasing recycling to 45 tons per hour, and daily throughput capacity of municipal solid waste to 2,500 tons, while, creating 125 green jobs for the community.

WRR’s sustainably designed facility meets three key objectives:

  • Increase recycling and recovery of materials for reuse enabling the South Bay area of Los Angeles County to reach the State’s 75% Diversion Goal.
  • Reduce the volume of MSW being disposed in the land?lls and the proportionate reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by existing land?ll activities.
  • Vastly increase organics recycling with the latest technologies from around the world.