Waste Resources of Gardena manages all solid waste and recycling services for residential, business and commercial needs listed below. Please contact us at 310-366-7600.

  • Residential services includes: single family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums and townhouses (up to 4 units)
  • Business and Apartment Buildings (5 Units or More)
  • Condominiums and Townhouse Associations (5 Units or More)

Waste Resources of Gardena is the only authorized hauler for construction, demolition, grading projects in the City of Gardena. Using any other hauler for any construction related projects might be subject to legal action and fines.

For a list of what goes in the BLUE bin, click here.

For a list of what goes in the GREEN bin, click here.

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For the City of Gardena's recycling page, click here.

Residential Collection Schedule

Please see the Collection Schedule map for services by day/area.