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COVID-19 Statement

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Waste Resource Technologies (WRT), the parent company of all Waste Resources’ operating companies serving the Cities of Carson, Gardena, Glendale, Hawaiian Gardens, Lynwood, and Torrance, is acutely aware of the COVID-19 global pandemic and is continually monitoring this critical situation through regular communications with public health officials and the guidance of the CDC.

WRT’s contingency plan is in place to ensure that there are no service interruptions, while protecting its employees from the spread of the virus by mitigating sources of exposure, such as coming in contact with loose and non-containerized waste that might contain invisible vectors carrying the disease.

Although measures have been taken to ensure uninterrupted service, there remains a possibility that temporary service delays may occur. Should the unlikely happen, you can be confident that WRT will deploy every resource at its disposal to restore timely service as rapidly as possible.

Once again, this advisory does not assume a likelihood of service delays – only the possibility of occurrence. In either case, please accept our apologies in advance if you experience any type of inconvenience.

Now, to ensure the success of our Contingency Plan – aimed at preventing service interruption while keeping our employees and fellow citizens safe from the spread of COVID-19 – customer participation is required.

The following emergency service guidelines/requirements are currently in effect and until further notice:

  • All trash and recyclables must be in containers (carts or bins). Loose trash that is outside of a cart/bin will not be collected;
  • For safety, WRT drivers are instructed to remain inside their vehicles at all times;
  • All waste containers must be accessible for service by the collection vehicles;
  • Please do not place your containers close to cars or structures;
  • All container lids must be closed. Please do not overfill your container(s). This may cause spillage. The recovery of spilled items will be the responsibility of the resident or business. For additional containers or service, please call Customer Service;
  • Please do not approach the WRT driver for additional services. For any such issue, please call Customer Service. A friendly member of our team can arrange for additional services at your request;
  • Valet/Backyard services provided for non-essential/convenience purposes are suspended at this time. However, if you are receiving this specialized service due to a disability or hardship, please rest assured that your service will continue as usual.

Bulky Items: Effective immediately, all mattresses must be bagged and sealed before being set out for collection. Mattresses with bed bugs will not be collected. Loose trash placed along with bulky items will not be collected.

These emergency service guidelines are integral to providing uninterrupted services to your home or business and must be observed until further notice.

WR’s Customer Service team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding solid waste and recycling services during this public health crisis. Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your attention to this important service advisory.

Thank you for being a valued customer. We look forward to serving you, in good health, for many years to come.

Stay well.

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